I recently beat earthbound too! Wasn't it amazing?!

Ahh, really, you as well? It was indeed amazin’! I love how whimsical it is even while being a heavy game at times. I very slightly preferred its predecessor’s storyline, but in all I thought earthbound was a lovely and nicely put together game in both its story and cute graphics with neato colors :’>

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well damn that last post was my 666th post to this blog, blahaha!

those were the first digital drawings i’ve done since i’ve arrived at college… this whole away-from-home situation is gonna take some getting used to =u=’

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happy 20th anniversary to a game I finished 4 days ago!

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I know a lot of people have said this but finishing a video game is so sad, even if it ends happily

sometimes I get when a movie or show ends or when I finish a book, but it’s never as heavy, I suppose?

but I guess since playing video games involves yourself so much it almost feels like ur endin a lil piece of your own life

like does it ever feel esp sad when you’re deep into a game and you revisit a location from the start of the game and then you get nostalgic about playing earlier parts? it’s so weird how it consumes ya like a real memory…

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I uh just wanted... Um there's spinoffs for the game OFF... One of them is called UNKNOWN and I think you should... Totally check it out????? Idk Bie

I looked into a few Off spinoffs a while ago and they do look pretty cool!
I would play some of them, but I use a mac and so I can’t bc rpg maker games aren’t compatible… fortunately Off was popular enough that someone made a mac version but many of the people who make the spinoffs don’t bother with it.
I’ve tried some emulators too but they never really worked properly. :’c

6 days ago on 22 Aug 2014
feelin’ blue… felt like drawin mother stuff and using inks.

feelin’ blue… felt like drawin mother stuff and using inks.

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hello all, i’m gonna temporarily be on semi hiatus (i’ll most likely still reblog on mobile to my side blog) meaning no drawing for a little while.
I’m leaving for college next week so I have a lot to do plus I’ve been a lil emotional about leavin home… ;~;
I’ll be ok tho so sorry if i’m slow to reply to things etc.

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I’ve been quiet on here because I’ve been away from the computer for no reason in particular… but it explains the lack of art. I’m on vacation again till sunday so I’ll still be pretty quiet for now. I’ve progressed in wind waker and earthbound so prolly some art for those among other things in the near future anyhow~

2 weeks ago on 14 Aug 2014

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Hey! Do you remember the animated pixel piece of Ninten, Ana and Lloyd you did, how did you make that? The characters and their animations were gorgeous, man, and I was inspired, only to be lost in the process of actual creation. I don't know a single thing outside of Paint Tool SAI, to be honest. Can you help me out? Sorry to have to ask.

Oh! Please don’t apologize, I’d be happy to try to help! I’m quite flattered you like them so much! :’>

I’m afraid I have never worked with SAI (I work almost completely in Photoshop), so I have zero knowledge of the program. But as long as you can draw in pixels and save each frame as a separate image, you should be good!

I’ll walk through how I put together and animated the Mother/Earthbound Zero pixel sprite piece:

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kids ready for battle. maybe.

kids ready for battle. maybe.

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calling the hero’s shade.

calling the hero’s shade.

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Ezra koenig #11, if ur still doing them

why not….

this is god awful, apologies, I redid this over like 5 times how sad is that

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yo quickenedsilver why is it that whenever I try to draw something stupid to send to you it comes out looking half decent?

yo quickenedsilver why is it that whenever I try to draw something stupid to send to you it comes out looking half decent?

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